Pilots: Let me tell your story

Any pilot’s typical day is long — it crosses state lines, time zones, oceans and sometimes continents. For many, the day starts early, ends late and involves flying hundreds of people inside a 75,000-pound manmade bird. Becoming a pilot is the dream of many young boys and girls across the world, but it’s more responsibility than the average person takes on in a day and no one said it’s easy.

For a multimedia aviation project, I’m seeking a pilot in the U.S. who will tell me the details about one real day in his or her life. I want to know where you woke up, where you had lunch and where your head hit the pillow (+5 points if it was three different places… just kidding). Life as a pilot might not always be as glamorous as it seems, so tell me the real story.

Help me show people what a day in the life of a pilot is really like. E-mail Tessa Muggeridge at tessa.muggeridge@news21.com or tweet at her at twitter.com/tessa_news21. Follow the entire transportation project as it progresses here at national.news21.com.

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